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Does Homeowners Insurance Protect You Against Civil Liability Cases?

December 21st, 2018


Whether a guest was injured in your home or your kid accidentally damaged a neighbor's property, there's always a possibility you could face a civil lawsuit for your liability in the incident. Learn more about how your homeowners insurance may be able to financially protect your civil liability in the event of a lawsuit.

First things first: What’s a civil liability case?

A civil action is a lawsuit filed by a private person (i.e. someone who's not a member of government) against another private person. For the most part, these lawsuits seek monetary compensation for damages that the plaintiff claims the defendant is legally liable for.

It's important to note that the defendant does not face jail time or any fines if he or she loses in a civil action lawsuit — but he or she must pay whatever monetary damages the judge awards the plaintiff.

These cases often involve contract disputes, intentional wrongdoings (like defamation, fraud, and employment discrimination, for example), and accidents revolving around the defendant's negligence. In the circumstance of the average homeowner, lawsuits regarding the homeowner's negligence are the most common.

Civil court cases and your homeowners insurance

Luckily, there's some good news if you're facing a civil liability case: typical homeowners insurance provides coverage for your personal liability up to the limits you choose for your policy. That means financial protection for others' injuries or property damage that result from your negligence — at or away from home — as well as coverage for your legal defense. Personal liability coverage can even kick into action in slander, libel, and defamation lawsuits, depending on the policy.

So if your dog bites a passerby while you're out on an evening stroll, a guest gets injured after slipping on some ice on your driveway, or your youngster accidentally breaks a neighbor's window while playing ball — you can count on your homeowners insurance to help cover the damages you're legally liable for.

Since homeowners liability coverage varies from company to company, it's important to speak with your us about your specific policy and what it covers you for.

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Written by: esurance