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End of All Tips

November 15, 2017

Ah fall … if you are in the Northeast you are probably enjoying the end of the season before the leaves are all gone. I love the crisp feel of the air but don’t love the shorter days. As I realize the end of fall is near it evokes images of drinking hot cocoa, sitting by a fire, and being mesmerized by the snow falling. Winter is almost here! I look forward to it’s beauty. 

There are lots of dangers that can lurk during the day and night … even weeks after Halloween is over. Here are some tips to make this time of year a little less troublesome.

  1. Start with your home or business walkways. Keep them clear of those beautiful leaves. Slips and falls can happen from leaves as well as things that are hidden under them.
  2. The days are now shorter and nights come so much faster! Be alert when driving. This is especially important during and after rain because as temperature drops the ice starts to form.
  3. Plan ahead when going out.. the holidays are approaching and everyone is in a rush to go shopping or get errands done. A little extra time goes a long way.

  1. Don’t forget to give your car some love!! Winterize your vehicles as well as check your car for any needed maintenance. Bad breaks or tires are even more hazardous with slippery and icy conditions. Having a harder time seeing when it’s raining? Changing your windshield wiper can help. 
  2. Avoid issues by being prepared even after an accident. Some of the dangers lurk when you’re pulled over and waiting for help. Keep an emergency kit, some snacks, water, and an extra pair of warm clothing in your car. Also, some flashlights, road flares, and an extra phone charger that’s battery operated. Make a list and check it twice.. this will help you feel nice!

Just some basic things you can do as the leaves are almost done falling and we approach winter. Enjoy this time! It lasts a very short time.